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The os intermedium is situated between the scaphoid and semilunar bones proxinially and the trapezoid and os magnum distally. The trapezium is small. A small sesamoid bone is present in the tendon of the abductor pollicis longus. In the Chimpanzee and Gorilla there is a deep carpal tunnel between the long pisiform bone and the equally long hook of the unciform on the medial side and the scaphoid and hook-like process on the trapezium on the lateral side. The long axis of the tunnel is directed towards the index and middle digits in the Chimpanzee. The trapezium is small.
Metacarpal Bones*—The nietacarpal bone of the thumb is short, but those of the other digits are long and cylindrical.
The phalanges are flat, with concave palmar surfaces. In the Orang and Chimpanzee they are broader than the nietacarpal bones.
Femur.—In the Gibbon the femur is long and the shaft is nearly straight. The head is globular, with an
impression for the ligarnentuni teres about its centre. The neck is very short and oblique, and the trochanters are well marked.
The great trochanter reaches up to the level of the impression for the ligamentum teres. The linea aspera is a rough line on the upper three-quarters of the shaft. No adductor tubercle exists. The condyles reach down to about the same level, the inner one being slightly the longer ; and the outer one is convex and more prominent externally. In the Chimpanzee the small head with its